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Everything you Need to Know About Landlord Associations in The UK

What Are Landlord Associations?

Landlord Associations offer help and advice for residential landlords on everything from tenant troubles to rights and responsibilities you as a landlord may have.

They will also and importantly keep you informed on new landlord regulations so you don’t get caught unawares but regulatory changes (which happen frequently). It goes without saying that as a landlord you need to ensure you are compliant with the law so being in an association will help make sure you don’t miss anything important.

What are some Landlord Associations Available to join?

There are quite a few landlord associations in the UK, however, many of them are more niche and focus on specific locations. The four main national landlord associations in the UK are:

We have also included a list of other landlord associations at the bottom of this article.

Landlord Associations in the UK

What are the Benefits of Joining a Landlord Association?

Generally, Landlords Associations offer the following benefits for their members:

  • Advice and support on landlord-related issues;
  • In-depth analysis of current Landlord issues in the UK;
  • Up to date news on important regulatory changes;
  • Analysis and explanation of complex legislation;
  • Access to legal documents such as tenancy agreement templates and eviction notices;
  • Discounts from partnered commercial services;
  • Meet like-minded Landlords to listen & learn about landlord issues;
  • Strengthens the voice of the landlord community, which can be particularly useful when petitioning against unfair regulations, for example.

Other Landlord Associations

Are you part of a Landlord Association?

Let us know your experience as part of a landlord association in the comments section below.


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