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Digitise Receipts In Real-Time And Claim Every Expense

We make it super easy for you to track your expenses to ensure you capture every deduction.

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Smart Scan On The Go

Take a photo of your receipt when you get it and securely store it linked to your expense so you can access them at any time and they’ll never get lost.

Smart Scan

OCR technology scans key information, extracts it and automatically enters the expense details in the system.

Monitor Expenses

With intelligent reporting and award winning expense tracking Landlord Studio will help you maximise your rental yield.

Forget Paper Receipts

Never lose a receipt ever again. Snap a photo and store it where it can easily be found in case HMRC ever needs to see a copy.

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Traditional expense tracking involve spreadsheets, hours of labor, and boxes of paper receipts. It’s not necessary. 

Open Landlord Studio

Select Add Expense from the quick actions button

Select the relevant property

Take a photo with your device camera.

We do the rest, just hit save.

Adding an expense now takes less than 10 seconds and you can do it at the checkout!


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