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MTD is a major change to how landlords need to file tax returns.


What Are the New MTD Rules for Landlords?

The Making Tax Digital rules will apply for Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSA) from April 2024 for landlords and unincorporated businesses with total property or business income that exceeds £10,000 a year.

Keep Digital Records

You must keep digitised receipts and accurate digital records of all taxable income and expenses.

Use Approved Software

Use our Xero integration to become MTD compliant today. View approved software

Quarterly Returns

Tax returns will need to be submitted to the HMRC digitally every quarter.

Landlords Must be MTD HMRC Compliant by 6th of April, 2024

MTD is an HMRC service that requires businesses to keep digital records and file tax returns using compatible software.

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Who Do The New MTD Rules Impact?

The new MTD rules are being phased in. Already most VAT registered businesses need to be using MTD software. 

  1. VAT Registered Businesses

    From April 2019 if you’re VAT registered and earning above the threshold of $85,000 you need an MTD approved software

  2. Self-Employed

    From April 2024 self-employed, with turnover above £10,000 per year.

  3. Landlords

    From April 2024 Landlords with rental income above £10,000 per year will need an MTD approved software.

What You Need to Do to Become MTD Compliant?

The new MTD service aims to increase the speed and accuracy of tax filings by removing manual data transfer and avoidable errors.

  1. Maintain Digital Records

    Businesses must keep digital records of VAT data. Get started with Landlord Studio and use our Xero integration for easy MTD submissions.

  2. Register for MTD

    Register for the digital tax service through your existing Government Gateway account.

  3. Five ‘tax returns’ a year instead of one

    Using this system you’ll need to file quarterly tax returns plus final end of year return.

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Easy MTD  With Landlord Studio

Quickly digitise your receipts with our Smart Scan technology and we extract the dates and amounts for you.

Connect your bank account to view and reconcile bank transactions in real time and increase your accounting accuracy and speed.

Use our Xero Integration to automatically sync your financial data to Xero and submit accurate quarterly returns and your end-of-year statement.

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